Cost: $219 ( 2 Years )

If you are a roofing contractor in the State of Illinois, it is required that you obtain an Illinois Roofing Contractor Bond to become a licensed roofer.

Bonds Express offers an Illinois Roofing Contractor Bond with a 100% approval rate.

This bond expires every Odd Year on December 31st.

The Illinois roofing Contractor Bond for $25,000 is an unlimited bond.  This type of bond is required for an Illinois Roofing Contractor license that allows roofing work on an unlimited number of Illinois  residential properties, commercial properties, and industrial properties.

For more information about Illinois Roofing Contractor licensing, we recommend that you read the Illinois Joint committee on Administrative Rules Administrative Code, Title 68: Professions and Occupations, Chapter VII: Department of Professional Regulation, Subchapter b: Professions and Occupations, Part 1460 Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act, Section 1460.10.

A surety bond protects the party requesting the bond, the Obligee, against any financial losses as a result of poor financial decisions, damages, unethical decisions, or a failure to follow state and local laws on the part of you, the Principal.  The Illinois Roofing Contractor Bond (Unlimited) holds you accountable for your business decisions.

By possessing a Illinois Roofing Contractor Bond (Unlimited), you are telling your Obligee that you can be trusted as a Principal and that you stand behind your business decisions.