Florida – Public Adjuster Bond Guide

As a public adjuster in Florida, you play a critical role in helping clients navigate complex insurance claims and secure the settlements they deserve. However, to establish yourself as a trusted and credible professional, you need to meet several requirements, one of which is obtaining the Florida Public Adjuster Bond.

What is the Florida Public Adjuster Bond, and why is it important?

This surety bond, mandated by the Florida Department of Financial Services, serves as a guarantee that licensed public adjusters maintain the highest levels of integrity, accountability, and professionalism throughout their licensure. It provides financial protection to clients who may suffer losses as a result of negligence or malpractice by public adjusters.

How much does a Florida Public Adjuster Bond Cost?

At BondsExpress, we offer the Florida Public Adjuster Bond of $50,000 for as low as $200, provided that you sign an indemnity agreement. Alternatively, you can pay $500 if you choose not to sign the indemnity agreement. Once you purchase the bond, one of our agents will email you the indemnity agreement for signing.

If you ready to purchase the Florida Public Adjuster Bond, click here to get started.

Where do I file my Florida Public Adjuster Bond?

Once you receive your original bond in the mail, please sign it and mail it to the State of Florida, Dept of Insurance, Bureau of Agent & Agency Licensing, 200 E Gaines St, Tallahassee FL 32399.

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