Unique New Program –
Bid & Performance / Payment Bonds In Any Amount!

 • No application fees – fast approvals •  Save up to 10% on Materials
• No collateral required in most cases  •   Rates as low as 2%

The recent economic downturn hurt a lot of people….especially contractors.

The jobs dried up.  The lack of construction caused credit scores to worsen due to a lack of income.

Today, in this cautious economy, many contractors still dread something as simple as out of pocket unexpected medical costs.  College nest eggs have diminished.  Retirement accounts have been dipped in to.  The fear of empty dinner plates weighs heavily on many contractors’ minds.

New Times.  New Problems.  New Solutions.
Necessity is the mother of invention.   One surety company recognized that something had to change.

What resulted is a revolutionary new approach to performance and bid bond underwriting.

Instead of looking at credit history, this company looks at your proven ability to perform as a contractor.  We also examine the job itself.  If the overall picture looks OK, most credit problems can be overcome.  In the rare instances where collateral is required, real estate can be used for collateral in several states.

Now, it’s possible to get the jobs you’ve only dreamed about in the past.  Individual jobs from $100,000 up to 10 million dollars can be approved through this program.

This system has been field tested for some time now and the results so far have been win-win for everyone!  Not only do you benefit as a contractor, but so does your supplier, your surety, and your obligee.  When everyone benefits, we know we have a winner on our hands.

            The times are changing, your bonding company should too.
This program is not available in the following states:
Alaska and Wyoming
Some restrictions apply.
You can be approved in as little as a few hours. 
Expect longer approval time, up to 6 days, for Bid & Performance Bond requests.