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U.S. Customs Activity Code 4 Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Bond

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U.S. Customs Activity Code 4 Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Bond

What Is an Activity Code 4 Foreign Trade Zone Bond?

A customs bond's most common function is to allow an importer to take prompt possession of its imported goods without having to wait for all of the Customs & Border Protection regulations and formalities.

Another typical usage of a customs bond allows a carrier to transfer goods that are bonded from one place to another, even if those goods are not yet processed through with duties paid.

Who Needs A Customs Bond?

Every party that imports products into the U.S. for commercial reasons, or that transports or carries imported goods through the U.S., must have a customs bond in place.

The parties who need to get a customs bond can be importers of goods, transporters of goods, brokers, foreign trade zone operators, bonded warehouse proprietors, or other parties that engage in business with the U.S. Customs & Border Protection.

The beneficiary of the import bond is always the U.S. Customs & Border Protection.

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Note: The Customs Bond only covers U.S .Customs duties and taxes as well as ISF penalties. It does not protect the value of the imported cargo.

Due to the high risk of loss in the importing industry, the application for a Customs Bond requires more information than for other bonds. Keep in mind that, when applying for the first time or when processing a yearly renewal, it is wise to begin as soon as possible. Failure to obtain a new bond or renew an existing bond on time can result in fines and/or lost business.

There is some additional information required on customs apps.  Please note that we will also need you SCAC code, the effective date of your bond, a copy of the $50 check written to U.S. Customs along with a copy of the approval letter from U.S. Customs issued to you.

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